Bifolds Sydney.

Bifoldssydney was established to supply, Do it Yourself, quality timber bifold doors to the public for a fraction of the price, saving you thousands of dollars and making it affordable for all.

These doors are made into bifold doors at our factory. They are pre-hinged with stainless steel hinges including top and bottom nylon rollers for smooth and easy operation.

The top and bottom tracks are in aluminium.Rollers are at the top of the doors ,so they are hung off the top track and therefore stops any build up of grit interfering with the smooth sliding of the doors.

With what is supplied, (All doors pre hinged plus top and bottom tracks) you can have the doors up and running within an hour, once the opening is made.

Doors do not come in a frame.The top and bottom tracks are installed and doors are fitted and operational without a frame.Timber surrounds which are only cosmetic are not supplied.

Note: These doors are installed “frameless“. The rest, ie: locks and timber-work are fitted after  installation and are not supplied.

We have simplified the bifold system and made it a D.I.Y. and by doing so, we have cut the cost by about 60% plus.

Bifold doors that were once too expensive for the average person are now, more than affordable.

The doors are all made by Hume Doors (one of Australia”s largest door manufacturers ) Log into their site and look for one lite, entrance doors and find out all the specifications needed on the 820mm x 2040mm x40mm Hume Door.

The standard 820mm wide doors is what we mainly use ,therefore giving you the best and cheapest price.Other widths are used but prices change dramatically ,so if you can use the standard 820 mm doors you will be saving a lot of money.

Most of  the doors come in standard sizes of 820mm x 2040mm x 40mm. We also use 720mm and 620mm doors to compensate for other non standard openings. All opening heights are to suit 2115mm. The widths vary and are normally achievable.

To find out more, please call on 0407018824 and arrange a time to see doors operating at our shop . Email me anytime on for quotations or for any questions that need answering.

The shop is at 281 Parramatta rd ,Leichardt ,which is for advertising purposes only.Have a look in the window and you will see a five door bifold system on display.If you like what you see call me on 0407018824 to arrange for an inspection.