Hinges and Doors


Hinges needed for a 5 door bifold set

These are the hinges needed for a 5 door bifold set.

 Bottom stainless steel hinge with nylon roller

Bottom stainless steel hinge with nylon

hinges 011.
Top hinges have 4 nylon wheels attached for smooth and easy operation.
Bottom hinges have 1 nylon wheel as a guide.

hinges 010

Intermediate and offset stainless hinges

bifold door sections 020bifold door sections 019 Hinges are stainless steel with a nylon roller for the bottom guide.Hinges for the top track have 4 nylon wheels for easy and smooth operation.The intermediate hinges are a stainless non mortice 100mm hinge.

Doors are from Hume Doors (one of Australia’s largest door manufacturers ) On our standard bifolds we use  820mm doors.We can also use 720mm or 620mm doors which are non standard.

Doors are called a one light entrance door, from Hume doors.Log into their website for detailed  specifications.

Bifold hardware can be purchased, if you wish to fit them on your own doors.Hardware for a three door set starts at $780,



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